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Poster: tgvas Date: Nov 29, 2005 9:50pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: John Barlow chimes inRe: Rolling Stone article- Grateful Dead . WAY TO GO JOHN!!!!

As I have been saying, Debra has been behind this all along, as she was the one to close down Jerry's music when he passed.

Debra is to the Dead, as Yoko was to the Beatles!
I never liked her from the first day I sat across from her at a dinner some 12 years ago, and will never go back on that.

I have attended over 400 shows just of the GD since 69, another 150 or so of other band members and the Dead.

Until this is straightened out and Debra stops this, and the Band members take her out with a buy off, I will never attend another show again.

I know some on here made fun of me and complained that I was being too harsh, but apparently a growing majority of Dead-Heads are seeing it the same way!

Thanks John and Dead Heads! (and once again, Thanks LMA, you guys are the greatest)!